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  1. kim kavanaugh-ortiz

    we have a Weider Home gym 8510 that was bought at Sport Authority and we can not find the instructions.
    I contacted Sport Authority about me miss placing the instructions and they said to get a hold of The Weider Company, I tried calling the 1-800-225-0653 with no luck and downloading (I think) the instructions also with no luck.
    Is it possible for you to mail me the instructions for the Weider Home Gym 8510?

    Thank you in advance,
    Kim Kavanaugh-Ortiz
    6214 n Wayne
    Chicago IL, 60660

  2. Tom Vincent

    I would like to purchase the Weider AB crunch trainer, but the only place I can acquire the product is in the UK and they will not ship to the US. I would appreciate any help you can give me as to where I can purchase this product. Thank you for your time in this matter. Tom Vincent

  3. gloria wright

    Where can we get a Manuel showing where to clip straps for each exercise? Just need instructions for the hoops as pi ture are not clear.

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  4. Richard Brewer, Tsgt, USAF, Ret

    I purchased a Crossbow and I can not find the the work out chart. I had a heart attack a year ago, I need to get back in shape and put some muscle back on this old body that I have lost during recovery. I am 68 yrs old and I am not going to give up, like a lot of people.

    Please help
    Thank You


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  5. jill

    A friend of mine, just gave me the WESY59421, for my teenage son. I downloaded the user manual already. The gym was put together already when he delivered it to me. I just dont know how to change the resistance, is there a manual for that?
    Thank you.

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      Dear Jill,

      Unfortunately we dont have manual, describing how to change the resistance for WESY59421. Please try to ask your friend, who used it before.

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