100 push-ups in 5 weeks

This simple exercise program can help you in six weeks to do one hundred push-ups in a row. It seems impossible, but its a fact. You only need a good plan, discipline, and about half an hour a week. Perhaps some of you can do 50 pushups in a row, but agree that a minority of such people. Most readers will not be able to make even 20. And many – and ten. But in fact it does not matter which of these groups you belong to. If you follow this program, soon you’ll be doing one hundred pushups in a row.

Why do push-ups?

Push-ups – one of the main and most common exercises. They are useful not only for thechest muscles, but also very good for the press, triceps, shoulder muscles and the bodyas a whole. Push-ups can be done anywhere, and best of all – they are absolutely free, you do not needany expensive exercise equipment or gym membership. If you want a well-developedchest and shoulder muscles, then this program can be a wonderful start. It is also a great develop your will power. In order to improve their shape and health, you only need to spend about 30 minutes ofexercise a week and stick to the program as precisely as possible. I promise that you willfeel much better and more confident after the first couple workouts.

The Test

Before you begin to engage in the program “One hundred push-ups”, you need to do the following:

  • Talk with  a doctor
  • Pass initial test

The test will show your current level of training and identify with what you have to start andhow to plan a training program.


To 40 years

40 – 55

More then 55


Push-ups count


0 — 5 0 — 5 0 — 5


6 — 14 6 — 12 6 — 10


15 — 29 13 — 24 11 — 19


30 — 49 25 — 44 20 — 34


50 — 99 45 — 74 35 — 64


100 — 149 75 — 124 65 — 99


more then 150 more then 125 more then 100

Make as many conventional push-ups, as you can. No need to cheat or lie to yourself to start with the wrong level – its not a good idea. The result may be conservative, but believe me – if you want to achieve maximum results, it is necessary at the outset to be honestwith yourself.

When you’re breathing hard, rise from the floor and your hands will stop shaking from the effort, check how many pushups you managed to do it. I, for the first time been able to do only 29 push-ups in a row.

Before you begin to exercise the first week, I would recommend to wait a few days to learn more about the program and the rest of the initial test. Will have to deal with three times a week, for example, I was comfortable doing it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Most people are under the initial test, 2 or 3 level, this is a great start for the program. If you have a level, you should start with a lightweight push-ups. If your level of 6 or 7, you think you may need a more complex program?

Week by week manual is coming up.


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