Weider 8980 Model is a bit expensive, but this machine is not created for beginners. You can do 55 exercises on The Weider Club 8980. For example a 4-role leg developer, hammies, glutes, and calves. Also it has low and high pulley stations, and a padded preacher curl station.

Best price: $700


  • High Pulley (15+ exercises) and Low Pulley (40+ Exercises)
  • Pulleys offer a much larger range of motion, which makes them very versatile so you can perform more exercises to target those harder to get areas.
  • 4-Roll Leg Developer
  • Build and develop your quads, hamstrings, glutes and hip-flexors with this 4-roll leg developer.

WEIDER CLUB 8980 W SYSTEM Specification

  • Up to 175 lbs. of Resistance
  • Depending on the exercise and the number of vinyl weights selected, this product’s cable-and-pulley system offers up to 175 lbs. of resistance.
  • 150 lbs. of Vinyl Weights
  • This system includes 150 lbs. of weights for all your muscle building exercises.
  • Footprint 82″L X 66″W X 80″H



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