Weider Crossbow

The Weider crossbow is an home gym machine uniquely designed to target all the body parts in the one sitting. Weider crossbow offers a major time and space saving advantage by incorporating upper body and lower body workout implements into one  single machine. Working out on the Weider crossbow ensures full range of motion, a key element in building a healthy body.

Best price: $447

Traditional gym equipment restrict range of movement. In effect you fit around the machine whereas free weights fit around you. The Weider Crossbow is used as simulating a feel of free weights and sportsman testimonials seem to back this up.

Weider Crossbow Specifications


Number of Exercises Available 65
Max Weight Resistance 440 lbs
Height 82 inches
Length 80 inches
Width 66 inches


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  1. Rachael

    A friend gave us their Crossbow Advantage. I’m having a hard time finding the poster that should have come with it so I can learn how to use this piece of equipment. The only thing I can see is what’s on the machine itself. How can I get a hold of one of these.

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